Paste Up gallery at the coach terminal
Paste Up gallery at the coach terminal

Paste Up gallery at the coach terminal

As an artist I’m passionate about public art, bringing art into places to create unusual connections, and to see creative potential in even the most mundane situations.  In 2020, I have approach the Port Macquarie Hastings Council to exhibit a series of photographic works at the Port Macquarie Coach Terminal. My show 200 Years On was held at the same location in April 2021. 

After the exhibition I’ve been offered the opportunity to develop the space into a temporary paste-up gallery.

The Port Macquarie Coach Terminal building on the inside, appears as a contemporary art gallery with large white walls and large spans of glass. This space provides a unique opportunity to showcase artworks to those passing through the terminal. The audience passing through this space includes both locals and tourists visiting the region.

With this project, Port Macquarie Hastings Council supports and promotes the diversity of the local creative community by providing an alternate exhibition space in an unexpected location. This initiative allows the broader community the opportunity to connect with local artists as well as seeing spaces differently. The images are exhibited by direct application of posters onto the inside wall of the Coach Terminal’s wall using wallpaper glue.

The first exhibition has launched in conjunction with the region’s signature cultural arts event, ArtWalk, on June 10, 2022 and will remain on display until September 2, 2022

For this exhibition I’ve been working with a group of Aboriginal artists on Birpai country, they are students of Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts.

This group of artists created the exhibition of paste-up posters based on their paintings inspired by bila (the river). The group support each other through their sharing of cultural knowledge and Gathang language, and through their respect for each other.

Congratulations to Lesley Fuller, Sonia Shields, Kate Fuller, Corina Latimore, Chris Donovan, Wayne Anderson and Angela Roberts.