Faces of the Hastings 2019
Faces of the Hastings 2019

Faces of the Hastings 2019

Faces of the Hastings installation view, Wauchope NSW 2019

Faces of the Hastings

Supported by: Port Macquarie Hastings Council

Location: Wauchope CBD

Date: April 2019

The Faces of the Hastings exhibition showcases the diversity of our community, providing fascinating insight into who we are, where we come from, and what community means to us.

The second instalment of Faces Of The Hastings was part of the 2019 Creative Wauchope Festival. After the great experience in Port Macquarie we brought this temporary public art project to Wauchope town centre. The audience would walk around town to discover the different installations.

As a photographer, I want to tell stories visually. But I’m also interested in the potential of photography with the new technologies. Often I present the photographs with the option of an interactive audio guide tour so viewers can not only visually follow the story, but also hear the individual stories of the people I photograph. Faces of the Hastings has been the first exhibition I included interviews with the photographs. Each photograph has a QR code, which would take visitors straight to the audio guide. Subjects have been interviewed about their connection to the local area, and audio snippets of their stories were available.